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Resources Centre

An online library with weekly updates and additions for Vietnamese, Asian and International music industry related information and articles.

Industry Newsletter

A source of information email blast sent to VMIN members’ inbox every week to update local, national and international news and opportunities.

(Launching in June 2021)

Industry Directory

An online contact list of companies and organizations in the Vietnamese music industry, maintained and updated frequently for VMIN members.

VMIN Forum

An online discussion board for VMIN members divided by major categories and topics, regulated and administered by VMIN.

(Launching in June 2021)

Creative Working
Exclusive Offer

Special promotions for VMIN Members offered by VMIN or our partners, from products and services promotions to event and showcases ticket discounts.

Job Board

an online music industry job posting site with job descriptions in the Vietnamese music business market from our VMIN partners.

(Launching in December 2021)

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An annual music business management event including panel discussions, networking opportunities, and live showcases.

(Launching in June 2021)

Career Development

an online hub of advisors and mentors from all areas of the music industry for VMIN members to get access to and guidance from, in variety of formats including networking session, workshops, one-on-one mentorship sessions
(Launching in 2022)

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